Terminal Sect
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Thehumansconditioned , 6/10
Bread and Wine For The Dirt , 5/10

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Terminal Sect is the project of New York duo Colin Schwen (vocals, electronics) and Howard Wulkan (guitar, electronics). Originally, the music on debut album Thehumansconditioned (None Of The Above, 1995) was conceived to accompany Schwen's paintings and multimedia installations. Their industrial dance is both epic and robotic, swinging between Skinny Puppy's purgatory and Nine Inch Nail's hell. Gun Worship and Spirit In A Wire Cage are the two manifestos that established them (with a bang) on the genre's scene.

While better produced, Bread and Wine For The Dirt (Metropolis, 1997) lacked the bite of the debut. The production (samples, synth, distorted vocals) gave it a gothic feeling. Sanctuary, Bread and Wine For the Dirt and Sex Dying and Zero Gravity are the standout tracks. The 13-minute Plastic Meat is an experimental workout that points to new directions.

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