That Dog
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That Dog , 5/10
Totally Crushed Out , 6/10
Retreat From The Sun , 5/10
Imaginaryland , 5/10

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Le That Dog di Los Angeles, con Anna Waronker (canto, figlia del presidente di una delle piu` grandi case discografiche del mondo), Petra Haden (violino, figlia del jazzista Charlie) e sua sorella gemella Rachel (basso), sono emblematiche di come questo rock al femminile sia un fatto piu` borghese che proletario. Dopo il doppio singolo d'esordio (per la Magnatone), l'album That Dog (Geffen, 1993) ha messo in mostra buone capacita` di ritrattiste punk (Punk Rock Girl e Angel) e di armonizzatrici alla Wilson Phillips.
What could be the most over-rated girl-group of all times progressed towards a more personal sound on Totally Crushed Out (Geffen, 1995). Echoes of Pixies, Veruca Salt and Breeders lift several songs from their anonymous status, but only Lip Gloss

Retreat From The Sun (Geffen, 1997) is a poppier effort. The Hadens are set aside and Waronker takes example from the Go-Go's.

Imaginaryland (WIN, 1996) is Petra Haden's first solo album: she hums and vocalizes (no words, just sounds) her way through a series of intellectual covers. Bella Neurox (Win, 1999) was a collaboration with Miss Murgatroid. Petra Haden & Bill Frisell (2005) was a collaboration with guitarist Bill Frisell.

Anna (Five Foot Two, 2002) is Anna Waronker's solo album, and marks a return to a noisier and more aggressive sound.

Petra Haden's Sings: The Who Sell Out (Bar None, 2005) is an a-cappella album.

Ry Cooder produced the album that assembled all three of Charlie Haden's daughters (Petra, Rachel and Tanya): The Haden Triplets (Third Man, 2014). The Haden Triplets - Petra, Tanya and Rachel Haden - ar

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