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Feel My Hate - The Power Is The Weight (1993), 6.5/10 Links:

Seattle's doom-metal outfit Toadliquor released only one album, Feel My Hate - The Power Is The Weight (Soledad, 1993) that was reissued with some additions as The Hortator's Lament (2003). The original album contains ugly, brutal, booming and distorted pieces like the eight-minute (Opening Sections of) Inter-Stellar Space and especially the nine-minute Nails, the musical equivalent of electrical bain therapy. The tortured vocals add a sadistic dimension to Gnaw. Three minutes into the song Fratricide - A Requiem unleashes a vibrant jam with ghostly screams and noises in the background that are barely audible, another super-heavy song like Charred. The lugubrious and suspenseful Tenderloin implodes in quasi-silence after a few minutes.

They also released the single The Ascension From Heaven (1997).

Cease & Decease (2018) reissued the first album and added "The Complete Sections of Inter-Stellar Space".

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