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Sustain , 6/10
Structure , 5/10

Ten guitarists from Washington bands such as Pitchblende, Velocity Girl, Government Issue (Mitch Parker), High Back Chairs, plus Unrest's drummer (Phil Kraut), perform in the ensemble Tone. The instrumental EP Build (Independent Project, 1995) is reminiscent of Rhys Chatam's and Glenn Branca's chamber symphonies (Milhous, Ramifications, Galvanized Mass) and to early Sonic Youth (The Power Of Introspection). But Tone's guitar music also harks back to the majestic tribalism of Savage Republic (Mr Authority).

The album Sustain (Independent Project, 1997) features five guitarists, two bassists and one drummer. The music of Tag, Augmented, Secret Satellites, Fate, Nostalgia And Remorse is more evocative and intelligible, although still a far cry from conventional 1960s' surf/garage/soundtrack revival.

Structure (Dischord, 2000) is even less ambitious and may reach the point where it is not yet entertaining while not being experimental any more.

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