Transient Waves
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Transient Waves , 6/10
Wading And Waiting , 5/10
Sonic Narcotic , 6/10

Formed in San Francisco in 1994, but relocated since 1997 to Philadelphia, Transient Waves plays majestically ethereal and gently pulsing droning rock. Bassist Syd Tucker, percussionist Eric Campbell and guitarist Loren Jackson add cello, violin and clarinet to paint the soothing atmospheres of Transient Waves (Che, 1997), reminiscent of Spacemen 3 at their most angelic shoegazing.

Wading And Waiting (Darla, 1998), that includes the single If You Want To Soar With The Angels, is too pretentious to be also engaging.

Sonic Narcotic (Fat Cat, 1999) shuns ambient music in favor of a spontaneous flow of mellow emotions (Paradise, Bluehead, Blackjack ).

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