Tribe 8
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Fist City , 6/10
Snarkism , 5/10
Role Models For Amerika , 5/10

Tribe 8 is a radical lesbian band from San Francisco that plays loud and fast "homocore". Lynn Breedlove's wild screams, not too subtle lyrics and onstage theatrics come through as a joke on singles like There's A Dyke In The Pit (Lickout, 1992) and Bitches In Brew (Lickout, 1993) and on EPs like Pig Bitch (Harp, 1991) and By The Time We Get To Colorado (Revolver, 1993).

The first full-length, Fist City (Alternative Tentacles, 1995), proves that the dykes are somewhat gifted as musicians, especially in Manipulate, the catchy Allen's Mom and the anthemic Frat Pig.

Snarkism (Alternative Tentacles, 1996) contains two of their most powerful war songs: Republican Lullaby and Wrong Bathroom.

New styles are embraced by Role Models For Amerika (Alternative Tentacles, 1998).

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