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Themes From Vapourspace , 7/10
Sweep , 6/10
Angular Island , 6/10

Vapourspace (alias il disc jockey Mark Gage di Rochester, nello stato del New York) divenne una star delle discoteche alternative nel 1993 con il singolo Gravitational Arch of 10 di trentacinque minuti, composto nell'arco di dieci anni, e i suoi Themes From Vapourspace (Ffrr, 1994), fra cui Venusian Biosphere. Il suo techno per loop di nastri e improvvisazione elettronica dal vivo prende le mosse da Kraftwerk, Philip Glass e Klaus Schulze, da tutta una civilta` musicale degli anni '70 che a quei tempi era riservata al pubblico d'avanguardia. If English is your first language and you could translate this text, please contact me.
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Sweep (Ffrr, 1997) is another classy essay on trance dance that features Rays, Citrus and Sweep.

Gage was also active as Cusp, and Space + Time * Liquids + Metals (Swim, 1995) collects the two EPs that were released under that moniker. Tracks: Space Between, Venusian Satellite , Drone um Futurisma , Mars The Red Planet , Liquids + Metals , Uranium , Venusian Dream Realm , Mercury Expanding , Liquid Dimesion , Venusian Biosphere .

Sonic Residue from Vapourspace (Magna Carta, 2001) is a series of Gage remixes of other people's music.

Angular Island (Phthalo, 2002) is credited to Mimi+Boyd, where Mimi is Punisher's Michelle Hermann and Boyd is Vapourspace's Mark Gage. The album delivers cutting edge dance-music in the form of the polyrhythmic, tribal delirium of Cue+Pivot, the hypnotic crescendo of Hover+Pounce, the joyful locomotive of Socket+Shaft, the old-fashioned mechanic beat of Frozen+Trickle, the frantic samba of Digit+Diode. The album is closed by the lengthy Suspend+Shatter, that builds up slowly to a pounding multi-layered beat continuously redefined by side effects.

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