Velvet Acid Christ

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Calling ov the Dead (1998), 6/10
Fun with Knives (1999), 5/10
Twisted Thought Generator (2000), 4/10
Hex Angel (2003), 5/10
Lust for Blood (2006), 4/10
The Art of Breaking Apart (2009), 4/10

Velvet Acid Christ, the brainchild of Denver-based vocalist and keyboardist Bryan Erickson, played the kind of electronic dance music that was popularized a decade earlier by Front 242 and Skinny Puppy. They released the albums Calling ov the Dead (1998), the one that can still be called "industrial", Fun with Knives (1999), the decidive turn towards synth-pop, with Decypher and Fun with Drugs, Twisted Thought Generator (2000), Hex Angel (2003), that contains Pretty Toy, Lust for Blood (2006), that contains Wound, The Art of Breaking Apart (2009), with Caustic Disco, Maldire (2012), Subconscious Landscapes (2014), and Ora Oblivionis (2019). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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