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Weezer , 6.5/10
Pinkerton , 6.5/10
Rentals: Return Of The Rentals , 6/10
Rentals: Seven More Minutes , 6/10
Weezer , 5/10
Maladroit , 5/10
Make Believe (2005), 4/10
Red (2008), 5/10
Raditude (2009), 4/10
Hurley (2010), 4.5/10
Everything Will Be Alright In The End (2014), 5.5/10
White Album (2016), 6/10
Pacific Daydream (2017), 4/10
Weezer (Black Album) (2019), 5/10
OK Human (2021), 6/10
Van Weezer (2021), 4/10

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Weezer, un quartetto di Los Angeles, capitanato dal cantante Rivers Cuomo, che emerse con Weezer (Geffen, 1994), si pose subito al di sopra dello stuolo di complessi del punk-pop. Ma la power-ballad My Name Is Jonas, il Mersey-beat di Buddy Holly (con un breve ma memorabile assolo di River Cuomo) e Undone, il ritornello scipito di Surf Wax America e la ballata folk di In The Garage hanno la consistenza di canne al vento. Nei momenti migliori si ascolta un gruppo volenteroso di discepoli dei Pixies (Say It Ain't So).

Return Of The Rentals (Maverick, 1995) e` un progetto di due membri dei Weezer (il batterista Pat Wilson e il bassista Matt Sharp), che riescono a produrre canzoni altrettanto melodiche (Friends Of P e Summer Babe) usando distorsioni, sintetizzatore e violino.

Le divergenze guastano il breve Pinkerton (Geffen, 1996), contenente soltanto mezz'ora di musica, e soltanto due ritornelli degni del primo disco: Across The Sea e El Scorcho. Il sound, meno commerciale, ha la potenza, se non la violenza, del punk-rock da cui il gruppo pretende di originare, e l'intensita` dell'"emo-core" piu` passionale, anche se indulge in atmosfere cupe e corrosive che forse sono al di la` della portata dei mezzi musicali del gruppo.

While the Weezer were on vacation, bassist Matt Sharp's Rentals achieved pop grandeur on Seven More Minutes (Maverick, 1999), an album sprinkled with juvenile optimism and a paean to romance.

Drummer Pat Wilson formed the Special Goodness and guitarist Brian Bell formed the Space Twins.

Weezer returned with Weezer (Geffen, 2001), that contains the hits Hash Pipe and especially the hit Island In The Sun (vaguely reminiscent of Maurice Williams' Stay).

Maladroit (Geffen, 2002) is not a particularly invigorating or original album, despite a couple of catchy power-pop numbers (Keep Fishin, Dope Nose).

Make Believe (Geffen, 2005) is sort of invisible music: it contains songs that vanish rapidly in the subconscious of the listener without leaving any trace. The anthemic and sarcastic Beverly Hills was the hit that climbed the charts, but Perfect Situation might be the real standout. This Is Such A Pity is a diligent imitation of the Cars.

More filler surfaced on Red (2008), drowning the effervescent Pork and Beans and the ambitious rap-rock of The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. Their assembly line of pop hooks produced Troublemaker.

Raditude (2009) was just about only pop filler.

Rivers Cuomo sang on B.o.B's hit single Magic (2010) The group then released Hurley (2010), that marked a return to their emo roots (Brave New World).

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Giulio Bassanello)

Mentre i Weezer si prendevano una pausa, il gruppo Rentals fondato dal bassista Matt Sharp raggiunse prestigio pop con Seven More Minutes (Maverick, 1999), un album irrorato di ottimismo giovanile e un peana al romanticismo.

Il batterista Pat Wilson ha formato gli Special Goodness e il chitarrista Brian Bell gli Space Twins.

I Weezer tornarono con Weezer (Geffen, 2001), che contiene le hit Hash Pipe e Island In The Sun (una vaga reminiscenza di Stay, di Maurice Williams).

Maladroit (Geffen, 2002) non è un album particolarmente fresco o originale, se non per un paio di buoni brani power-pop (KeepFishin,DopeNose).

MakeBelieve (Geffen, 2005) contiene musica “invisibile”: canzoni che svaniscono rapidamente nel subconscio dell’ascoltatore senza lasciare traccia. Beverly Hills, inno sarcastico, fu la hit che scalò le classifiche.

Altro stucco viene usato per decorare il Red album (2008), soffocando così l’effervescente Pork&Beans e l’ambizioso pop-rock di The Greatest Man ThatEverLived.

Raditude (2009) fu l’ennesimo “riempitivo” pop.

RiversCuomo ha cantato nella hit Magic di B.o.B (2010). Il gruppo in seguito ha pubblicato Hurley (2010), che ha segnato un ritorno alle radici emo.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End (2014), with the stomping Ain’t Got Nobody, Foolish Father and The British Are Coming, and especially the California concept Weezer (White Album) (2016), basically a tribute to the Beach Boys, with the ebullient refrains of L.A. Girlz, Endless Bummer, King Of The World and Do You Wanna Get High (better than the single Thank God for Girls and than opener California Kids), were decent returns to form, but Pacific Daydream (Crush, 2017) was mediocre at best, with only Weekend Woman to remember.

Weezer (Teal Album) (2019), produced by Mark Rankin, is a collection of covers.

Moving the guitars to the background, Weezer (Black Album) (2019), produced by Dave Sitek, indulged in glossy electronic dance-pop productions and dejavu melodies, from the funky and semi-rap Can't Knock the Hustle to the soaring chamber pop refrain of High as a Kite via harmless ditties like Living in L.A., Byzantine and Too Many Thoughts In My Head. Having run out of songs to plagiarize in guitar-based rock, Weezer wisely decided to launch a whole new career.

OK Human (Atlantic, 2021), produced by Jake Sinclair with an avalanche of strings, is a work of baroque pop that harkens back to the Brit-pop of Blur and Oasis. Some of the songs sound like deliberate collages. All My Favorite Songs merges mellotron flutes a` la Strawberry Fields Forever and languid strings a` la Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. Aloo Gobi is the most elaborate confection, a guitar-less neoclassical and bubblegum-pop pastiche with nods to the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and to the Beatles' Penny Lane. Playing My Piano sounds like a tribute to Queen and Elton John. Everything Happens for a Reason echoes Go Where You Wanna Go by The Mamas and the Papas as well as Tommy Roe's Sweet Pie with pulsating orchestral horns. La Brea Tar Pits is what Paul McCartney would do to the Rolling Stones' Like a Rainbow if fronting the Electric Light Orchestra. More traces of the Beatles show up in Grapes of Wrath and more Elton John pathos permeates Bird with a Broken Wing. Nothing on this album is profound. This is the ultimate superficial pop exercise, and thankfully brief (30 minutes). And to some extent it is also their most "childish" collection, with ditties suitable for kindergartens like the operatic singalong Mirror Image and the folk-rock nursery rhyme Here Comes the Rain. This also feels like a Rivers Cuomo solo album focusing on his chamber-pop aesthetic.

If that album had almost no guitar, Van Weezer (2021), produced by Suzy Shinn, is a weird nostalgic tribute to the early years of heavy metal, replete with arena bombast (but, alas, not with adequate guitar riffs). They ape Metallica and Van Halen (and plain plagiarize Ozzy Osbourne) but they still dish out catchy refrains with amazing ease (Hero, Sheila Can Do It, The End of the Game).

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