Wingtip Sloat
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Chewyfoot , 6/10
If Only For The Hatchery , 6/10

Wingtip Sloat is a group from Virginia that concocts eccentric pop and wraps it in eccentric arrangements, like Syd Barrett produced by a drunk Brian Wilson. Their pre-history is documented by the 4-song cassette As Though I Was Waiting For That (Sweet Portable You, 1990), the 4-song EP Wingtip Sloat (Sweet Portable You, 1991), the 8-song cassette User-Friendly Bowl-Wrapper (Sweet Portable You, 1991), the 13-song EP Half Past I've Got (VHF, 1992), the 4-song EP Return of the Night of the Ardent Straggler (VHF, 1994), the 21-song cassette Santa On The Crappa (Sweet Portable You, 1995).

Their debut album was Chewyfoot (VHF, 1994), played by a trio of guitarist and vocalist Pat Foster, drummer David Bishop, bassist Andy Dubuc. Three Minutemen covers revealed their idols. Tracks: Web Of Ramps, Slouching Towards Dulles, 10 Years vs. The Spread, Slide Me A Dime, Unique Scenic Drive, Arc Of A Worm's Trail , Eye Has Not Seen, Games/Ruins/Gravity, A Tree Fell, Cork, Lemon Melt, Whynilla .

If Only For The Hatchery (VHF, 1998) is an equally surreal melange of garage-rock and lo-fi pop, but a lot more accessible. Tracks: Z Is For Zovirax, Flem Snopes, Sundowner's 90 Mile Pilot, Part Of Three, Snack Of Toes, Take The Safeway Back , Manmannouth, Meet Cute, Holiday Blowjob, Banging The Hydrant, Lemon Melt, Whynilla .

Add This To Rhetoric (VHF, 2007) collects rarities.

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