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No Peace Without The Beat , 6/10

Wod is the project of Chicago's Tod Miner, who debuted with the album No Peace Without The Beat (21st Circuitry, 1998). Miner's techno is a highly original combustion of robotic beats, wild drumming, electronic noises and forceful staccatos, with little or no interest in melody. The techno-industrial locomotive of Energy is the most straightforward composition. Butterfly employs african drumming; Maryjane sets a menacing drone and terrifying distortions to a frantic beat; Welcome To The Nexus borrows the guitar reverb of psychedelic funk. The cosmic swirls of Submission recall Daevid Allen's Gong The pumping, roaring 303 Thunder is pierced by continuous electric shocks. You Can't Believe The Size Of It throws a distorted guitar and a string section on the dancefloor. In terms of exploration of rhythm, this album is one of the most adventurous of its generation. Too bad that the vocals often slow down, and water down, the music. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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