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Allerseelen, the project launched in 1989 by Austrian exoteric writer Gerhard Kadmon, began in a style close to industrial music with Cruor (1994), an anthology of recordings from 1989-1993, and Gotos=Kalanda (1995), that collects recordings from 1992-1994. Kadmon began to move towards apocalyptic folk with Sturmlieder (1997) and Stirb und Werde (1999), recorded between 1989 and 1999.

Neuschwabenland (2000) continued to streamline the compositions but also introduced military beats. Venezia (2001) offers more military meditations.

Abenteuerliches Herz (2002) and Flamme (2003) capitalize on all those experiments to concoct sophisticated post-industrial ballads.

Archaische Arbeiten and Heimliche Welt (Ahnstern, 2005) are compilations.

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