Allied Vision

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Allied Vision (Spanish electro musician Oscar Storm) debuted with a sound akin to :Wumpscut: on Unburied (Zoth Ommog, 1997 - Gashed, 1999). Cup of Sorrow, Demon Sect, Unforgiven and All the Dead compose Storm's abrasive rosary, but they are hardly revolutionary in stylistic terms.

Increasing the dose of violence, Man Must Be Overcome (Intracraneal Possession, 2001) tried to establish a more personal identity. The album runs the gamut from gothic dances (Embodied Screw, Back to Ashes) to apocalyptic and symphonic nightmares (Symbolic Schism). from psychotic spasms (Revolted Generator) to speed-metal fits (Last Wave).

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Matteo Gentile)

Allied Vision (il musicista electro spagnolo Oscar Storm) ha debuttato con un sound simile a Wumpscut in Unburied (Zoth Ommog, 1997 - Gashed, 1999). Cup of Sorrow , Demon Sect , Unforgiven e All the Dead compongono il caustico rosario di Storm , ma non sono quasi mai rivoluzionarie in termini stilistici. Aumentando la dose di violenza, Man Must Be Overcome (Intracraneal Possession, 2001) ha cercato di stabilire un'identitą pił personale. L'album va dalla danze gotiche ( Embodied Screw , Back to Ashes ) agli incubi apocalittici e sinfonici ( Symbolic Schism ), dagli spasmi psicotici ( Revolted Generator ) agli scatti speed metal ( Last Wave ).

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