Apartment 26
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Apartment 26 is an English band that plays a confused melange of heavy metal, rap, techno, industrial and hardcore. Granitic guitar riffs (Jon Greasley) and solid rhythm (Louis Cruden on bass, veteran Kevin Temple on drums) and one of the least inventive singers in memory makes them one of the most competent bands of the derivative post-grunge generation. A.C. Huckvale's keyboards and programming rescues

The band debuted with a five-song EP, Within (1999). Three of those songs were reprised for the full-length Hallucinating (Hollywood, 2000): The brutal, hip-hop and metal crossover of Apt. 26, Slicedbeats and Question of Reality. The new songs do not fare much better. Backwards and Hallucinating are representative of their faux pop-metal, a super-grunge sound built around a catchy tune which is then dynamited by pounding drums and sharp guitars. This kind of song construction works best when the feverish, spasmodic playing of the rock trio is matched by the noisy, abrasive counterpoint of the electronics, as in the closing Death. Nine Inch Nails' influence is too obvious in tracks like Doing It Anyway, but Bruised manages to improve over the model, with a stance halfway between explosive and hypnotic. Granted, the band tries very hard to coin a personal style, for example with the psychedelic, tribal rap-metal of Keep You. Techno ecstasy and hardcore fury intersect and breed, pop melody and industrial dissonance cross-pollinate. Snippets of drum'n'bass seep everywhere. But in the end one is left with the impression that this is a band still in search of an identity.

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