Koji Asano
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Japanese-born Spanish-resident electronic/computer music composer Koji Asano (1974) explored sound in different settings and within different paradigms. As many composers of his generation, the main drawback of his career is that he has diluted a few ideas over a ridiculous number of ridiculously lengthy recordings (20 in just the first five years).

Asano played guitar on Gravity, a group effort that was reminiscent of prog-rock.

His most relevant might be his solo piano work, such as You Can't Open The Door Because It's Already Open and Monsoon; or his chamber music, such as Flow-Augment (Solstice 12) or Spherical Moss Factory (2002), two sonatas (40 and 30 minutes) for violin and contrabass.

But most of his career has been devoted to new forms of electronic music, such as Momentum (Solstice 14), three explorations of rhythm via speakers' feedback, and A Secret Path Of Rain (Solstice, 2000), two pieces of computer-generated events.

The four-CD set The Last Shade of Evening Falls (Solstice, 2000) for a computer processed violin and contrabass, is a four-movement concerto (composed in just one week): a 68-minute long composition, 1/4, of chaotic and wildly atonal musique concrete, and three droning but highly dynamic pieces, the 60-minute 2/4 (60:34), 3/4 and the 65-minute 4/4.

68-minute is also the duration of Autumn Meadow (Solstice, 2001), of The End Of August (2001), another blend (and one of the most atmospheric) of musique concrete and ambient piano music, and the same duration of A Second Dam, one of his most challenging walls of noise.

The noisy and irrational piano music of Preparing for April (Solstice 13) and January Rainbow (Solstice, 2002), for piano and electronic drones, one of his best, seemed to fuse his various personas.

Octopus Balloons (2002), another wall of noise exercise, the 73-minute drone mess Crevasses (2002), Spirit Of The Wardrobe (2002), a good example of his ultra-indulgent interpretation of Schaeffer and Cage, the eleven-part collage Absurd Summer (2003) the set of droning music Gondola Odyssey (2003) and the impressionistic piano sonatas of Piano Suite 1 (2003) mainly prove how easy it is to print CDs in the first decade of the new millenium.

Other albums include: Suite For Organ And Recorders No 1: The Alien Power Plant, The Giant Squid, Gondola Odyssey, Zoo Telepathy, Wind Gauge.

Sanctuary On Reclaimed Land (Solstice, 2005), his 36th release, documents an installation in an empty warehouse in which a piano interacted with a computer.

On the contrary, Takoyakikun (Solstice, 2005), his 37th release, marked a return to the band format of Gravity.

Spring Estuary (Solstice, 2005) manipulated sounds of water.

Rabbit Room Reservation Center (Solstice, 2006) collects three droning compositions.

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