Baby Bird
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Ugly Beautiful , 6/10
There's Something Going On , 4/10
Bugged , 4/10

Baby Bird is the project of a Stephen Jones from Sheffield (England) who recorded five limited-edition albums of lo-fi pop in a vein similar to Guided By Voices and Sebadoh: I Was Born A Man (Baby Bird), with his manifesto Baby Bird, Bad Shave (Baby Bird, 1995), Fatherhood (Baby Bird, 1995), possibly the best, The Happiest Man Alive (Baby Bird, 1996) and Dying (Baby Bird, 1997).

In 1995 Baby Bird turned from a solo project into a real band. His solo albums were mostly amateurish and quite boring, but Ugly Beautiful (Echo, 1997), that collects the best of them, is a small gem of unassuming pop. The singles, Goodnight and You're Gorgeous, even made him famous.

There's Something Going On (Echo, 1998) tried to capitalize on that success, but Jones doesn't have enough talent to produce so many songs in just one year. Bad Old Man and Take Me Back are ditties that are entertaining only for the first two listens.

Bugged (Echo, 2000) is another yawn, an embarassing, immature work that relies on a few catchy refrains (The F-Word, The X-mas God Of New York) to hide the fact that most tracks are lame country-rock ballads.

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