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Beanfield , 6.5/10
Human Patterns , 6/10

Beanfield are the ensemble of guru Michael Reinboth in Munich (Germany) that updates jazz and funk to modern electronica. Beanfield (Streetbeat, 1998) is heavily compromised with commercial music of the 1970s, whether bubblegum (Keep On Believing) or disco (Elektro-Kraut), but the packaging is ultra-modern, whether ambient (Planetary Deadlock) or trip-hop (Do You Know The Truth, (Charles). Reinboth's heart may be in jazz fusion (Green Angel, (Freund Clone), but his subconscious is still entangled in the genres of his childhood.

Human Patterns (Streetbeat, 2000) reaches out to a wider audience thanks to a more percussive approach. Combined with Reinboth's obsession for jazz, the album sounds like a descendent of Material. But Season, Human Patterns and Enchanting Signs are superb songs, regardless of the arrangement.

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