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Finland's Beherit debuted in a conventional (i.e. frenzied) black-metal style with The Oath of Black Blood (1991). Speed was instead not the driving factor for Drawing Down The Moon (1993), that sounded like a black-metal band drawn into a psychedelic freak-out, as close to white (black?) noise as black metal had ever sounded, dominated by satanic vocals (Marko Laiho) that were more interested in hissing and growling like an invisible demon than in shrieking like a wild beast. Beherit had de facto become the solo project of Marko Laiho (better known as Nuclear Holocausto).

After the mediocre H418ov21.C (1994), Beherit converted to a hybrid of industrial and ambient music with the keyboards-driven Electric Doom Synthesis (1995).

Beherit returned after a long hiatus with Engram (Spinefarm, 2009).

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