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Avi Belleli: Strawberry Cream And Gunpowder , /10

Tractor's Revenge, an Israeli band, largely the brainchild of vocalist Avi Belleli, was founded in 1989. Notable among their albums were the concept Othello (Musea, 1999), with lyrics by William Shakespeare, and Acoustic Kitchen. They also composed music for two dance pieces, Kyr and Anaphase. Balleli composed theater music for Orphans (1994), Othello, Romeo and Juliet, etc.

Avi Belleli's Strawberry Cream And Gunpowder (AdHoc, 2007) ostensibly compiles dance music but mostly sounds like a requiem for the age of terrorism. It marks a new peak for Belleli's involvement with the techniques of the avantguarde, halfway between ambient music and musique concrete. S.C.G.P shmama indulges in manipulated and dilated guitar noises for 14 minutes. S.C.G.P. 2nd feature is a brief experiment in musique concrete, blending the distorted sounds of church bells, steps and who knows what else into a seamless continuum. S.C.G.P Dogs continues the experiment and by now an abstract electronic cloud hovers above the found voices. The eight-minute S.C.G.P. A and G sounds like a collage of different ideas, from subliminal electronic drones to simply strummed guitar (with sudden bursts of loud fuzz). The ten-minute S.C.G.P Shahid, a "concrete" variation on a scream, is more consistent in the way it builds up an atmosphere of terror: the lesson of Morton Subotnick applied to Middle Eastern politics. The eight-minute S.C.G.P. hands up sounds positively funereal before erupting in a Amon Duul II-style hard-rocking jam.

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