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More Songs About Frustration And Self-Hate , 6.5/10
In Full Color , 6/10
To Get A Better Hold , 5/10

Boyracer are from Leeds and play cheesy noise-pop. If one wanted to find British references, one could think of a hybrid between Wedding Present and Jesus And Mary Chain. But they are best defined with reference to American "lo-fi": Pavement, Velocity Girl, Trumans Waters.

Vocalist Stewart Anderson and guitarist Matty Green are childish hellraisers on More Songs About Frustration And Self-Hate (Slumberland, 1994), that contains 23 brief songs played with full-throttle clumsiness and naif nerdness. The mini-album We Are Made Of The Same Wood (Slumberland, 1995)

In Full Color (Zero Hour, 1996) shows more stylistic variety and a slightly more accessible structure (Ask Too Much, Small Consolation), a trend confirmed by the singles West Riding House and Baleen.

Boyracer reformed in 2001 and began releasing a disproportionate amount of (rather trivial) music, all of them sounding like leftovers: Boyfuckingracer (555, 2001), To Get A Better Hold You've Got To Loosen Yr Grip (555, 2002), Bsides and Besides (555, 2002), Happenstance (Happy Happy Birthday To Me, 2004).

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