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Burning Hell (1992), 6.5/10
Genius and Brutality Taste and Power (1994), 6.5/10
Obey (1995), 6.5/10
Urge To Kill (1999), 6/10
Fucking Mess (2008), 6/10

The atonal ferocity of Sweden's Brainbombs was devoted to the most lascivious, sadistic and murderous instincts, like a seriously (not comically) deranged version of the Cramps. The sound of Burning Hell (1992), Genius and Brutality Taste and Power (1994), including the eight-minute Right Side of Hell, and Obey (1995) was a sloppy exaggeration of the Stooges with cameos from a jazz trumpet.

Burning Hell: 1 It's A Burning Hell 4:43 2 Danny Was A Streetwhore 3:54 3 Sadist Action 4:24 4 Pleasures And Dreams 4:20 5 After Acid 5:30 6 Wishing A Slow Death 4:30 7 Tired And Bloody 4:47 8 Do What's Right 2:15 9 Urge To Kill 3:45

Genius And Brutality: Angels Crawling 3:50 Graveyard Kitchen 6:12 My Place 4:15 Right Side Of Hell 8:12 The Whore 5:08 Who Can You Trust 4:13 Fuckmurder 5:13 Wash In Blood 5:01 Queen Of Necrophiles 5:18

Obey: Kill Them All 5:43 Die You Fuck 5:32 Anal Desire 4:56 Lipstick On My Dick 4:34 Drive Around 5:04 To Hurt 5:02 Obey 7:19 Fuckmeat

Urge To Kill (1999) takes the title from their classic anthem but does not include it.

Fucking Mess (Lystring, 2008) was another psychotic tour into the harrowing pulses of Freud's sexually-depraved subconscious.

The Singles Collection (1999) and The Singles Collection II (Polly Maggoo, 2007) compile all the singles.

Drajan Bryngelsson and Dan Raberg of Brainbombs started the project No Balls with the tormented punk-rock of No Balls (Release the Bats, 2009).

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