Brighter Death Now
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Brighter Death Now is Roger Karmanik, founder of the influential Cold Meat Industry label in Sweden.

Pain in Progress (Cold Meat Industry, 1988) was still in the vein of industrial music and minimalism.

Great Death (box set) (Cold Meat Industry)

Necros Evangelicum (Cold Meat Industry, 1994)

Slaughterhouse (Functional Organisation) is a gothic work, that echoes with ghostly screams and menacing machine sounds.

Innerwar (Cold Meat Industry, 1996) might be his best album.

May All Be Dead (Cold Meat Industry, 1998) is a double-LP set that ranks among his most extreme statements: a symphony of very loud and abrasive white noise.

Greatest Death (Cold Meat Industry 1998) is a selection from the Great Death Trilogy (i.e., the original vinyl version, the disc bonus of the CD re-issue, and the additional disc that came with the 2 CD set).

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