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Space I'm In , 4/10
Fun , 4/10
Sunday Morning Fever , 5/10
Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity , 4/10

Nick Cope's Candyskins were the quintessential bad Brit-pop joke. Submarine Song and She Blew Me Away, the highlights of Space I'm In (DGC, 1991), Get Together and Freedom Bus, were nothing more than diligent carbon copies of Paul McCartney's melodic style.

Fun (DGC, 1993) featured Wembley, a moderate hit that boosted their career, but in general it was a dull album of mediocre pop tunes.

It took a long time to recover. Mrs Hoover and Get On prepared the stage for Monday Morning, one of their catchiest songs, and for the album Sunday Morning Fever (Ultimate, 1997), that also contains Circles.

Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity (DGC, 1998) is a lame imitation of the lamest Brit-pop band, Oasis.

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