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Ars Moriendi (1996), 6/10 Links:

Apparently, synth-man Michael Thorne has been active in the swedish underground since the early 1980s. Catweazle is his dream come true, the dream of a very (very) symphonic rock band. They released the concept album Ars Moriendi (Ad Perpetuam Memoriam, 1996). Tracks like Just Like Anyone are Yes at their most bombastic and melodic. If you are into melodrama, check the martial beat and the gothic organ of Gulag. That is not to say that the album is all emphasis and no substance: Walking On Waves is just one of their many funky, catchy and stirring songs. Catweazle wisely updates the genre to the sound of the Nineties, with snippets of rap, gothic electronics and heavy metal mixed in the (thick) arrangements. Yet, the best track may well be the pastoral folk ballad, Heathersong, that closes the album on a humble note of passion. I am not sure that Thorne knows what his real talent is. Impeccable musicianship and crystal-clear sound. If English is your first language and you could translate my old Italian text, please contact me.
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