Chocolate Weasel
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The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind , 6/10
Waveform , 6/10
Chocolate Weasel: Spaghettification , 6/10
T Power: Long Time Dead , 5/10

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Marc Royal, who goes by the name of T Power in the London drum'n'bass scene, and co-conspirator Chris Stevens (originally from New Zealand) have mercilessly attacked the taboos of jungle music.

Chronology collects the early singles: Lipsing Jam Ring, Blood From a Stone, Mutant Jazz (Dancepool, 1993), The Elemental (Sour, 1994), Police State (Sour, 1995).

The 10 tracks of The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind (Sour, 1995) are dedicated to colors and geometrical shapes. Turquoise and Amber were the singles.

The 12-minute single Symbosis (Sour, 1996) announced the 75-minute 15-track tour de force of Waveform (Sour, 1996), a milestone recording for "ambient jungle" (A Large Grey Area).

T Power and Stevens also released under the moniker Chocolate Weasel: the 76-minute 18-track Spaghettification (Ninja, 1998) is a surprising retro` album that pays homage to jazz-rock (A Blue Furry Plughole) and funk (Zen Method) while flirting with trip-hop (Way Of The Weasel, Coda) and techno (Music For Body Lockers, Weasenstein). More important, all tracks are dressed with Frank Zappa's psychedelic sense of humour.

Marc Royal is also Atomic Dog and Automaton.

T Power's fourth album, Long Time Dead (Botchit, 2000), is a hodgepogde of electronica (So Long And Thanks), pop (I Like That) and jazz (American Psycho) set to drum'n'bass, techno and hip-hop rhythms. The album flirts with the female voice, with the song format of traditional rhythm and blues, and Set Level To Insanity is perhaps the most experimental of the songs.

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