Chris Smith
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Cabin Fever (1998), 6/10
Replacement (2000), 6.5/10

Chris Smith is a Melbourne-based guitarist whose Cabin Fever (1998), eleven atmospheric vignettes, and especially Replacement (1999) contain mini-symphonies of droning guitar noise. especially Replacement (2000), containing the lengthy and stately Replacement and Captain This is It.

Most of the latter was repackaged with unreleased tracks to produce Map Ends: 1995-2001 (Emperor Jones, 2002). The 12-minute maelstrom of Replacement, the 18-minute sonic sculpture a` la Gordon Mumma Captain This Is It, and the dense fog of Brazil, are particularly intimidating. Influences include Phill Niblock, Roy Montgomery, Flying Saucer Attack and Sunroof.

Bad Orchestra (Death Valley, 2007) was his "rock" project, playing music in the vein of the most spaced-out Neil Young.

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