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Urban Observer , 5/10

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DDT is a bunch of witty Canadian punks (singer Brian Howes, rapper Cory Perry White, drummer Bobby James, and guitarist Mike MacKay, all based in Vancouver) who play an amusing and punchy super-fusion of punk-rock, funk, rap, metal, reggae, ska, They finally debuted, seven year after forming, with the 7-song EP Lotgoop (1995). The album Urban Observer (Elektra, 1999) comes after years of touring and rehearsing, so it is no surprise it shows a mature band. The dual-frontmen approach is matched by varied and skilled playing. The band's punk roots (accounting for the emphatic riff of guitar and keyboards and the epic choral refrain of Hey Steve) are made to coexist with rap/funk/metal workouts like Walkabout and reggae-punk hybrids like Blue Hair Crime. A few blunders (the ska ballad Liquid and the generic AOR of Pistol Whip are clear sell-outs) obscure the numerous nods to 1970s' decadent rock (Unsaid quotes Aerosmith and Mott The Hoople) that would instead add appeal to their melange and obscure the comic overtones of the best tracks (like the ska-punk vaudeville sketch Overripe).
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