Demi Semi Quaver

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Demi Semi Quaver was fronted by a sexy female vocalist, Emi Eleonola, who sang in her own language. The original lineup with Yuji Katsui (violin), Steve Etoh (percussion), Tellasit (guitar), Hidenori Yokoyama (bass), and Koichiro Naka (drums) recorded Demi Semi Quaver (God Mountain, 1994), which includes the twelve-minute A*Merica. This was followed by II (God Mountain, 1995), Three (Dohb, 1996), "H" It's The Same Heaven And Hell's Initial (Dohb, 1998), with the ten-minute t's The Same Heaven And Hell's Initial, Golden Animal Head (Winx, 2000) and Dog Bless You (Baked Apple, 2004). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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