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Worst Case Scenario , 6.5/10
In a Bar Under The Sea , 5/10
The Ideal Crash , 4/10
Moondog Jr: Everyday I Wear A Greasy Black Feather On My Hat (1995), 6.5/10
Zita Swoon: Music Inspired By Sunrise (1997), 5/10
Zita Swoon: I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress (1998), 5/10
Zita Swoon: Plage Tattoo: Circumstances (2000), 5/10
Zita Swoon: Life=A Sexy Sanctuary (2001), 4/10

dEUS is a band from Belgium that became an international case with Worst Case Scenario (Island, 1994), thanks to an eclectic range of material and unpredictable arrangements of violin, cello, bass clarinet, organ. Suds And Soda wed the decadent tone and psychedelic dissonance of the Velvet Underground's Venus In Furs with the surreal harmonies of the Beatles' I Am The Walrus. Far from being typical of the band's sound, it was pretty much the exception to a different rule. The atmospheric lullaby Jigsaw You (echoes of Tim Buckley, Morphine), the acoustic weep of Right As Rain, the jazzy and trip-hoppish WCS (a dejected shuffle with Miles Davis-ian wails of bass clarinet) Hotellounge harks back to Tom Waits' smokey nightmares but revised with crispy guitars and narcolectic singing for the grunge generation. Great American Nude is a half-spoken and half-growled blues a` la Captain Beefheart.
The sudden changes in tone, harmony, tempo, instrumentation are not so much disorienting shocks as carefully-planned narrative devices. The weakness of dEUS is that songs tend to be thin and fragile, slow and incoherent. Suds And Soda is pretty much the excetion...

Like its predecessor, In a Bar Under The Sea (Island, 1996) has moments of sheer genius, but too many weak links. Fell Off The Floor Man is a funk-blues that exhibits Captain Beefheart's casual cacophony. A Shocking Lack Thereof toys with the hallucinated ticking of a clock, demented vocals and extreme feedback. Theme From Turnpike is a grotesque jazz deconstruction. Guilty Pleasures whispers an alienated rosary into a percussive charge a` la Feelies. Roses sounds like a ghost dance around a Velvet Underground record.
Mostly, dEUS try to "out-pavement" the Pavement, and, alas, the results lean towards the trivial. Little Arithmetics is a childish litany sung in the tone of Simon & Garfunkel over a sprightly country-rock rhythm, but Supermarketsong and Memory Of A Festival are merely easy listening for the alt-rock generation.
A wealth of cute ideas, sure, but too many songs take forever before they begin and sometimes... never begin at all.

Compared with those two intriguing puzzles, The Ideal Crash (Island, 1999) was a major disappointment. The band's sonic camouflage is greatly reduced and the focus seems to be on pop refrains.

Deus bassist Stef Kamil Carlens became the singer and chief songwriter for Zita Swoon, a band formed with the rhythm section from Kiss My Jazz plus guitarist Tom Pintens and saxophonist Benjamin Boutreur. Everyday I Wear A Greasy Black Feather On My Hat (1995), credited to Moondog Jr, was their pop masterpiece. It was followed by atmospheric and less ebullient collections such as Music Inspired By Sunrise (1997), I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress (1998) and Plage Tattoo: Circumstances (2000). Life=A Sexy Sanctuary (2001) sounded like mainstream pop.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Antonio Sapio)

I dEUS sono una band proveniente del Belgio che divenne un caso internazionale con l'album Worst Case Scenario (Island, 1994), grazie ad una serie elettrica di materiale e ad inconsueti arrangiamenti di violino, violoncello, basso, clarinetto e organo. Suds & Soda sposa il tono decadente a la dissonanza psichedelica dei Velvet Underground di Venus in Furs con le surreali armonie dei Beatles di I am the Walrus. Lontano dal tipico suono della band, molto piu' belle appaiono le eccezioni che confermano un differente ruolo. L'atmosfera da ninna- nanna di Jigsaw you (echi di Tim Buckley, Morphine), il pianto acustico di Right as Rain, la jazzata ed hip-hop WCS (uno strascicare scoraggiato di lamenti Miles-Davisiani di clarinetto basso) Hotellounge riprende gli incubi fumanti di Tom Waits, ma rivisitati con brillanti chitarre e un cantato narcotico adatto alla generazione grunge. Great American Nude e' un blues alla Captain Beefheart mezzo parlato e mezzo ringhiato. I repentini cambi di tono, armonia, tempo e strumentazione non fanno poi cosi' tanto disorientare come progettato meticolosamente dai progetti narrativi. La debolezza dei dEUS e' che le canzoni tendono ad essere sottili e fragili, lente e incoerenti. Suds & Soda č l'eccezione molto deliziosa... Come il suo predecessore, In a Bar Under the Sea (Island, 1996), ha momenti di assoluto genio, ma molti altri passaggi deboli. Fell Off the floor Man e' un funk-blues che esibisce la cacofonia casuale di Captain Beefheart. A shoking Lack Thereof gioca con una grottesca decostruzione jazz. Guilty Pleasures sussurra un rosario alienato in un cambio percussivo alla Feelies. Roses suona come una danza di un fantasma intorno a un disco dei Velvet Underground. Maggiormente, i dEUS provano a "pavimentare" i Pavement e, ahime', il risultato si dirige verso il triviale. Little Arithmetics e' una litania per bambini cantata nel tono di Simon & Garfunkel su di un allegro ritmo country-rock, ma Supermarketsong e Memory of a festival sono soltanto easy listening per la generazione alternative rock. Una ricchezza di graziose idee, certo, ma troppe canzoni prendono forma prima di iniziare e a volte... mai iniziano del tutto. In confronto con quei due intriganti puzzles, The Ideal Crash (Island, 1999) č una maggiore delusione. Il camuffaggio sonico della band č grandemente ridotto a il punto focale del disco sembra essere puntato su di un pop rifatto.

Deus' guitarist Rudy Trouve recorded three albums under the name Kiss My Jazz: Doc's Place Friday Evening (Knitting Factory, 1996), The Lost Souls Convention (Heaven Hotel, 1997), In A Service Station (Heaven Hotel, 1999).

After a hiatus of five years, dEUS returned with a new line-up and Pocket Revolution (2005). A couple of songs (If You Don't Get What You Want, Bad Timing) smell like Heldon, but the rest is poppy fluff.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Tobia D’Onofrio)

Il bassista dei Deus Stef Camil Carlens è diventato cantante e primo cantautore di Zita Swoon, una band formata con la sezione ritmica di Kiss My Jazz più il chitarrista Tom Pintens ed il sassofonista Benjamin Boutreur. Everyday I Wear A Greasy Black Feather On My Hat (1995), attribuito a Moondog Jr, è il loro capolavoro pop. L’album è stato poi seguito da raccolte atmosferiche e meno esuberanti come Music Inspired By Sunrise (1997), I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress (1998) e Plage Tattoo: Circumstances (2000). Life=A Sexy Sanctuary (2001) suona come musica pop mainstream.

Il chitarrista dei Deus Rudy Trouve registra tre album a nome Kiss My Jazz: Doc's Place Friday Evening (Knitting Factory, 1996), The Lost Souls Convention (Heaven Hotel, 1997), In A Service Station (Heaven Hotel, 1999).

Dopo un vuoto di cinque anni, i Deus ritornano con una nuova line-up e l’album Poket Revolution (2005). Un paio di canzoni (If You Don't Get What You Want, Bad Timing) odorano di Heldon, ma il resto sono sciocchezze pop.

Vantage Point (2008) and Keep You Close (2011) were generous efforts in a gentle melodic prog-pop style, but hardly relevant anymore.

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