Dinner Is Ruined
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Love Songs From The Lubritorium , 5/10
Wormpicker's Brawl , 5/10
Ice Cream Drugs Rubber Goods , 5/10
Elevator Music , 5/10
A Maggot in their Heads , 6/10
Ray Charles Kinda Party , 6/10

Dinner Is Ruined is the lo-fi project of Toronto-based Dale Morningstar. Inaugurated with a 1991 cassette, the project got going with Love Songs From The Lubritorium (Raw Energy, 1993), Wormpicker's Brawl (Gas Rackett, 1994), and Ice Cream Drugs Rubber Goods (Gas Rackett, 1995), albums that have their intriguing moments but are a little too eclectic and inconclusive to be really captivating.

Elevator Music For Non-Claustrophobic People (Sonic Unyon, 1997) is no less experimental plus it features one of their masterpieces, Johnny Firetalker, but it is still limited to a collection of song fragments.

A Maggot in their Heads (Sonic Unyon, 1999) is a more mature statement of his art, a blend of Butthole Surfers, Polvo and Ween that yields quirky ditties like Old Horse Whore, Mowdown Lusianna and Class California Ass. Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart tower over Bought Yerself A Bullet and Cavepumper.

Ray Charles Kinda Party (Sonic Unyon, 2000) is another noisy and chaotic mosaic of ideas whose only problem is that they get tired too soon of existing.

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