DJ Vadim
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USSR Repertoire: The Theory Of Verticality , 6/10
Reconstruction , 4/10
Life From the Other Side , 5/10
Isolationist , 4/10
USSR: The Art Of Listening , 5/10
Soundcatcher (2007), 4/10

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Russian-born London-based Andre Gurov, aka Pierre Vadim, aka DJ Vadim, experiments with hip-hop rhythm, and has resurrected the art of the breakbeat. The slow, intricate grooves of his early EPs, Abstract Hallucinating Gases (Jazz Fudge, 1995), Headz Ain't Ready (Jazz Fudge, 1995), and Non Later Hypothesis (Ninja Tune, 1996), are dressed with snippets of musique concrete.

The theory is fully developed on DJ Vadim's debut album, USSR Repertoire - The Theory Of Verticality (Ninja Tune, 1996). The raps are secondary. Vadim's focus is in the hip-hop beats and in the collage of micro-samples (Building Tension in Two Dimensions).

Reconstruction is the remix album by an army of remixers.

An impressive cast of rappers keeps alive the interest for Life From the Other Side (Ninja Tune, 1999), an album that offers very little comfort from Vadim's old-fashioned samples and that sounds more like a manual for aspiring djs than a work of art.

The Isolationist (Jazz Fudge, 1999) is a collaboration with the Anti-Pop Consortium.

Under his own name, Andre Gurov has released the mini-albums Revelations of Wrath (Jazz Fudge, 1997) and New Rap Language (Jazz Fudge, 1997), that offer more experimental and sometimes cacophonous pieces.

USSR: The Art Of Listening (Ninja Tune, 2002) is his most radio-friendly album, and the least instrumental. Despite several guests and a few intriguing scores (Till Suns In Your Eye, It's On, Revelations Well Expounded), it still suffers from a lack of creativity.

One Self is a collaboration with Yarah Bravo, Blu Rum 13 and DJ Woody.

Soundcatcher (2007) was a minor detour into reggae and dub.

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