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Kronet Til Konge (1995), 4/10
Ved Buens Ende: Written In Waters (1995), 6.5/10
Monumental Possession (1996), 5/10
666 International (1999), 6.5/10
Virus: Carheart (2003), 6.5/10
Supervillain Outcast (2007), 5/10
A Umbra Omega (2015), 6.5/10

Norwegian metal outfit Dodheimsgard (also known as DHG), fronted by vocalist Bjorn "Aldrahn" Gjerde and with drummer Yusaf "Vicotnik" Parvez, debuted with an uninspired imitation of Darkthrone's black metal, Kronet Til Konge (1995).

Meanwhile, Vicotnik switched decisively to guitar when he formed the power-trio Ved Buens Ende with drummer Carl-Michael "Czral" Eide and bassist Skoll, which wed black metal and post-rock on their only album Written In Waters (1995).

Adding a second guitarist, Dodheimsgard recorded the less derivative Monumental Possession (1996), bookended by Satanic audio collages.

After the EP Satanic Art (1998), Dodheimsgard suddenly converted to industrial metal on 666 International (1999), produced by Bjorn Boge, with lengthy, convoluted compositions like Shiva-Interfere, Regno Potiri and Sonar Bliss. without losing the ferocity of black metal, like a more punkish version of Nine Inch Nails (especially in Sonar Bliss) with Skinny Puppy's Nivek Ogre on vocals (Aldrahn's register is virtually identical to Ogre's).

Czral formed Virus with Vicotnik and others that gave Ved Buens Ende's post-metal mission an even more surreal twist on Carheart (2003).

After a hiatus of eight years, Vicotnik was the only original member left of Dodheimsgard and he shortened their name to DHG for Supervillain Outcast (2007), a confused album with more electronics and Vicotnik on vocals, flirting with synth-pop (All Is Not Self) but also with three a-cappella interludes. However, Vendetta Assassin and especially The Vile Delinquents displayed the black-metal genes.

Virus continued without Vicotnik (and with Czral playing guitar) on The Black Flux (2008), The Agent That Shapes the Desert (2011) and Memento Collider (2016).

After another long hiatus, Vicotnik assembled a new lineup of DHG (with Aldrahn again on vocals) for A Umbra Omega (2015), which consists of five lengthy labyrinthine suites that would be called prog-rock if they didn't feature sections of extreme metal, with also incursions of saxophone and keyboards: Aphelion Void (15:14), God Protocol Axiom (13:13), The Unlocking (11:21), Architect of Darkness (11:59) and Blue Moon Duel (14:20).

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