Dream City Film Club
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Dream City Film Club , 5/10
In The Cold Light Of Morning , 5/10

Dream City Film Club is a British band led by singer and guitarist Michael Sheedy that plays a peculiar hybrid of pop, psychedelia, glam, shoegazing and garage-rock. The best songs on Dream City Film Club (Beggars Banquet, 1998) bridge Velvet Underground and Nick Cave (Til The End Of The World, Night Of Nights) and others have the chaotic passion of the Stooges (Pissboy).

Accompanied by Billy Chic (1998) and Stranger Blues (1999), sophomore album In The Cold Light Of Morning (Beggars Banquet, 1999) is more experimental but less focused. The noisy vein of Stooge is not sustained throughout the album and the ten-minute God Will Punish The Pervert Preacher, that litters a Nick Cave-ian parable with shoegazing drones, is either a work of genius or a waste of talent.

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