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All Of Us Can Be Rich , 6/10
World Beaters , 6/10
The One And Only High And Low , 6/10

EC8OR (supposedly a contraction of "eradicator") are two noisy anarchists whose music is a terrifying, excruciating, nonstop sonic assault made of bulldozer/jackhammer beats, mind-bending distortions and death-metal riffs, like a fusion of Ministry, Einsturzende Neubaten and Napalm Death (and, of course, labelmates Atari Teenage Riot). French keyboardist Patric Catani paints apocalyptic landscapes and German vocalist Gina D'Orio screams like a witch on fire and yelps like an orgasmic Japanese opera singer.

All Of Us Can Be Rich (Digital Hardcore, 1997) takes off with a series of explosions that peak with the frantic Think About and the hardcore ecstasy of We Are Pissed. The second part of the disc suddenly calms down and takes shelter in a deranged form of ambient dub (albeit no less offensive, as proven by One Track Minded Fuckheads).

World Beaters (Digital Hardcore, 1998) has more angry anthems (Our Present is Our Piss, The Shit You Dig) but also a better structured "song" like Dirt. The music has lost some of its intensity, although it has gained more focus and... musicality.

The One And Only High And Low (Digital Hardcore, 2000) keeps cranking up the guitars and the beats. On top of that, tracks like You Can Hire and Gimme Nyquil All Night Long sway fearfully with no center of mass, as if in an uncontrolled chain reaction of rage. The same disorienting effect is present in the few tracks where the duo slows down, as in Don't Tell Me Shit.

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