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Polythene , 4/10
Yesterday Went Too Soon , 4/10

Grant Nicholas' Feeder play radio-friendly, melodic hard-rock on Polythene (Elektra, 1997), to the point of being compared to the worst of Smashing Pumpkins (Tangerine, Stereo World). High, an anthem to getting stoned in company, was a hit single in 1998. Day In Day Out

The band showed its real face on Yesterday Went Too Soon (Elektra, 1999), a collection targeting the fans of Blur and Oasis. (especially Insomnia). The orchestral Yesterday Went Too Soon and the acoustic Radioman venture even further, into easy listening and folkish muzak. On the other hand, Dry is an appendix to their previous life as plagiarizers of Smashing Pumpkins. This album is a lose/lose proposition.

After Echo Park (2001), with Buck Rogers, almost turned them into pop stars, the drummer committed suicide and was replaced by Skunk Anansie's drummer Mark Richardson. They continued to concoct radio-friendly guitar pop on Comfort in Sound (2003), Pushing the Senses (2005), Silent Cry (2008), Renegades (2010) and Generation Freakshow (2012).

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