Sue Foley
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Young Girl Blues , 6/10
Without A Warning , 5/10
Big City Blues , 5/10
Walk In The Sun , 6.5/10
Ten Days In November , 5/10
Love Comin' Down , 6/10

Sue Foley is a Bonnie Raitt blues soundalike who, born in Canada, relocated to Austin (Texas). She debuted very young with Young Girl Blues (Antone's, 1992) and became an immediate sensation in blues-revival quarters, thanks to a sexy and spunky voice and thanks to a punkish approach to the blues (Walkin' Home, Gone Blind).

Without A Warning (Antone's, 1993), which is even more personal (and has more original songs), and Big City Blues (Antone's, 1995) established her as an accomplished performer.

After three albums of mainly traditionals, Foley came to prominence with Walk In The Sun (Antone's, 1996), that collects eleven originals, including the boogie The Snake, the slow-burning blues Give It To Me, the folk lullaby Walk in the Sun, the Dylan-ian elegy The Wind and Lovesick Child, the powerful dirge Train to Memphis, the pop ballad Lover's Call. Foley graduated to mature songwriter.

There is very little blues on Ten Days In November (Shanachie, 1998), just an intelligent and emotional woman who sings and plays personal songs (Highwayside, Winds of Change) sometimes with an adrenaline drive (Give My Love To You).

You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree and Let Me Drive are the dynamite tracks on Love Comin' Down (Shanachie, 2000), that also features the peppery instrumental >Mediterranean Breakfast. The blues returns in massive doses with Two Trains, Empty Cup and Let My Tears Fall Dow, three of her best ever.

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