Frank & Walters
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Trains Boats And Planes , 6.5/10 (comp)
Grand Parade , 6/10
Beauty Becomes More Than Life , 5/10
Glass , 5/10

Paul Lineman's Frank & Walters came out of Ireland but, despite the silly stage antics and happy-go-lucky attitude that earned them the headlines, have more in common with Housemartins' domestic pop and Wedding Present's eloquent romance.

Trains Boats And Planes (Polygram, 1992) collects the hits of the first two years: This Is Not A Song, Fashion Crisis Hits New York, Daisy Chain, After All, Happy Busman. While the melodies are slower and indulgent, the general approach to storytelling in rock music recalls the Kinks.

The gallery of losers of Grand Parade (Setanta, 1998) constitutes an artistic gamble. While Little Dolls, How Can I Exist and Have You Ever have the wounds of a passion, but the winners are still the pure pop candies Indian Ocean and Colours.

Plenty Times and Something Happened to Me are the gems of the less ambitious and keyboard-driven Beauty Becomes More Than Life (Setanta, 1999).

Continuing that trend, Glass (Setanta, 2000) marks a complete departure in style from the early hits. The synth-heavy and anthemic disco-music of Underground leads 6 Becomes 9, Isn't it Time, Talking About You in the dance-pop territory of New Order, Heroes-era Bowie, and later U2.

Souvenirs (2006) collects rarities.

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