Holly Golightly

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Billy Childish's collaborator Holly Golightly debuted solo with Good Things (1995), the first of many collections of midtempo garage-folk-rock relying on her highly original voice. Main Attraction (1996), Painted On (1997), Serial Girlfriend (1998), and God Don't Like It (2000) basically transposed the history of the early 1960s (Mersey-beat, garage-rock, girl groups, blues-rock) to a female-fronted perspective. Very few musicians had been capable of composing so many accurate imitations of that male-dominated sound, and it was odd that the one who succeeded was actually a woman.

Up The Empire (1998) was alive album. Desperate Little Town (2001) was ostensibly a collaboration with her usual guitarist Dan Melchior.

She became famous with Truly She Is None Other (2003) but Slowly But Surely (2004), You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying (2007) and Dirt Don't Hurt (2008) showed that her moment of greatness had already passed.

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