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Gorgoroth is yet another black-metal band from Norway. Their Pentagram (1994) was mildly original, but mostly the band recycled the cliches of the genre on Antichrist (1996). Under The Sign Of Hell (1997), perhaps their most refined work, was followed by a crisis of identity: Destroyer (1998), Incipit Satan (2000) and Twilight Of Idols (2003) all experimented with the styles that were being proposed by other Scandinavian bands, but with little imagination.

After the split, Infernus retains the moniker Gorgoroth and released Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt (Regain, 2009), while vocalist Gaahl (one of the greatest of the genre) and King Ov Hell formed God Seed.

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I Gorgoroth sono un'altra band black metal norvegese. Il loro Pentagram (1994) era leggermente originale, ma per la maggior parte la band ha riciclato i cliché del genere su Antichrist (1996). Under The Sign Of Hell (1997), forse il loro lavoro più raffinato, fu seguito da una crisi di identità: Destroyer (1998), Incipit Satan (2000) e Twilight Of Idols (2003) sperimentarono tutti gli stili proposti da altre band scandinave, ma con poca immaginazione.

Dopo la scissione, Infernus mantiene il moniker Gorgoroth e pubblica Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt (Regain, 2009), mentre il cantante Gaahl (uno dei più grandi del genere) e King Ov Hell hanno formato God Seed.

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