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Graveland (the brainchild of Polish multi-instrumentalist Rob "Darken" Fudali) began in a derivative Scandinavian vein on Celtic Winter (1994) and Carpathian Wolves (1994), an amateurish attempt at fusing gothic folk and black metal. They moved towards complex compositions on Thousand Swords (1995), which features keyboards and glacial drones. They started moving towards a dense sound, bombastic melodies and political themes with Following The Voice of Blood (1997).

Having refined his routine, Fudali embraced a slower, brooding style on Immortal Pride (1998), with two lengthy epics, Creed of Iron (2000), with four lengthy visions of medieval warfare, and Memory And Destiny (2002), steadily moving towards an ambient pagan folk-metal. The elegant albums of his maturity, such as The Fire Of Awakening (2003), Dawn of Iron Blades (2004), Fire Chariot Of Destruction (2005) and Will Stronger Than Death (2007), basically fused black metal and post-rock.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Marco Spagnuolo)

I Graveland sono la black metal band di punta della Polonia. Dopo diversi demo tra cui Necromanteion (1991), In The Glare of Burning Churches (1993) e The Celtic Winter (1993) , pubblicano il loro primo full - lenght nel 1994 Carpathian Wolves, un dilettantesco tentativo di fondere folk gotico e heavy metal. La band si diresse verso composizioni pió complesse sull'album Thousand Swords del 1995 in cui si assemblano tastiere e droni glaciali. Successivamente si rivolgono ad un suono pió denso,melodie pesanti e a testi impregnati di temi politici pubblicando nel 1996, The Celtic Winter (un full - lenght stavolta) nel 1997 Following The Voice of Blood, Immortal Pride nel 1998 e Creed of Iron nel 2000. Le somiglianze con i Burzum erano ovvie sul pió maturo Memory and Destiny del 2002 e sul pió accessibile The Fire Of Awakening del 2003. Nel 2004 pubblicano Dawn Of Iron Blades e nel 2005 Fire Chariot Of Destruction.

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