Guitar Wolf
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Kung Fu Ramone , 6/10
Wolf Rock , 6/10
Missile Me , 6.5/10
Planet Of The Wolves , 6/10
Jet Generation (1999), 6/10
Rock'N'Roll Etiquette (2000), 6/10
UFO Romantics , 4/10
Loverock (2004), 6/10

Guitar Wolf is a band from Tokyo which plays a brutal, possessed, loud and frenzied mixture of punk-rock and "lo-fi" rock. After releasing two albums in Japan, the band was introduced to Western audiences by Kung Fu Ramone (Bag Of Hammer, 1993) and Wolf Rock (Goner, 1994).

Their masterpiece, Missile Me (Matador, 1996), is a continuous barrage of grotesque riffs and vocals which pay homage, in their own sick way, to the history of rock and roll (Link Wray Man, Jet Rock'n'Roll, Devil Stomp).

Uninspired and cacophonous, Planet Of The Wolves (Matador, 1997) is their perfect manifesto. Wild Zero, Kawasaki ZII Rock And Roll and Kung Fu Ramone's Passion are pure noise played on rock instruments.

Their self-imposed ineptitude is toned down on Jet Generation (Matador, 1999), and songs like Cosmic Space Girl actually begin to sound musical, a progression continued on Rock'N'Roll Etiquette (2000 - Narnack, 2004).

Routine prevails on UFO Romantics (Narnack, 2003), whose songs rarely display the fresh crunch of past efforts (Fireball Red).

Guitar Wolf are back in control on Loverock (Narnack, 2004), a volley of lethal explosions such as Demon Card, Blood Splashed Sky, Loverock, Time Machine of Tears, SF Tokyo.

Golden Black (Narnack, 2005) is a career retrospective.

(Translation by / Tradotto da Walter Consonni)

I Guitar Wolf sono una band di Tokyo che esegue una brutale, invasata, rumorosa e convulsa miscela di punk-rock e "lo-fi" rock. Dopo la realizzazione di due album in Giappone, la band è stata presentata al pubblico occidentale da Kung Fu Ramone (Bag Of Hammer, 1993) e Wolf Rock (Goner, 1994).

Il loro capolavoro, Missile Me (Matador, 1996), è un ininterrotto fuoco di fila di riffs grotteschi e canto che rende omaggio, secondo il loro modo malato, alla storia del rock and roll (Link Wray Man, Jet Rock'n'Roll, Devil Stomp).

Privo d'ispirazione e cacofonico, Planet Of The Wolves (Matador, 1997) è il loro perfetto manifesto. Wild Zero, Kawasaki ZII Rock And Roll e Kung Fu Ramone's Passion sono puro rumore eseguito con strumenti rock.

La loro auto-imposta inettitudine è mitigata su Jet Generation (Matador, 1999), e canzoni come Cosmic Space Girl cominciano effettivamente a suonare musicali.