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Aldebaran (1996), 7/10
The Crackling Of The Anonymous (2001), 5/10
The Incarnation of the Solar Architects (2009), 6.5/10

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Inade, i.e. the German duo of Rene Lehmann & Knut Enderlein, debuted in the style of dark ambient music that was popular in the early 1990s with the cassettes Schwerttau (1992) and Burning Flesh (1993 - Loki, 2000).

Their mature stage began with the "cosmic" concept Aldebaran (Cold Spring, 1996), whose electronic poems (each one followed by a sort of complementary untitled piece) actually lean towards industrial music. The gargantuan shifting winds of Signals From 68 Dimensions becomes a swarm of hostile alien organisms. The steady loop of Signals From 68 Dimensions II depicts hell's factory, an update of Throbbing Gristle's death factory. The bubbling The Conquest Of Being Separated is harrowing enough, but the buzzing and drilling apocalypse of The Conquest Of Being Separated II pushes the horror one level up (perhaps the peak of pathos). The pulsing The Crushing Of Earthly Foundations turns into a satanic pow-wow in which an operatic choir gets mercilessly mauled, and The Crushing Of Earthly Foundations II revisits hell's factory in an orgy of hissing machines and wailing souls. The heavy breathing of The End Of The Beginning becomes a giant tide. The End Of The Beginning II superimposes a monster drone and a distorted recitation, and the two swallow each other. The alter-egos tend to be harsher and bleaker than the titled pieces. If the title pieces refer to the present, their alter-egos might be projecting that present to the future.

The mid-length pieces of The Crackling Of The Anonymous (2001). were so unstable that they seemed to paint with sound the different stages of neurosis. The confused vocabulary of Eternity's Crevice sounds like the soundtrack of a traumatic experience. In Chapel Perilious the free-form noises border on musique concrete and industrial music. The Engine Of Space crafts gothic metaphors out of macabre thuds and hisses. The best moments sound like an audio shock therapy, but too many sections are aimless and trivial.

Colliding Dimensions (2005) collects recordings from 1995 to 2002. Samadhi State (2006) contains remixes of recordings from 2001-2002.

The more mature The Incarnation of the Solar Architects (Loki, 2009) explored a vast range of settings, from the turbulent cacophony of From The Angle Of Aleph to the distant radio messages of Aion Teleos. The Engine Of The Mind reprises the swirling menacing drones, the symphonic gravity and the scattered clangors of Klaus Schulze's Irrlicht; but the sophisticated Abandoned Inferno toys with rustling electronics and "running" percussion; while the free-form A Lefthanded Sign evokes sideral whistles, dripping stardust and supernova birthpangs in the cosmic void. The three dimensions (evocative, tonal and psychological) perpetuate themselves via (respectively) the smooth Altar To The Unknown, the harsh The World Behind The World, the busy Canon Of Proportion.

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