In Slaughter Natives
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self-titled , 6/10
Enter The New World , 6/10
Sacrosants Bleed, 6/10
Purgate My Stain, 6/10

Gli In Slaughter Natives (alias J. Havukainen) esordirono con un album omonimo (Soleilmoon, 1991) all'insegna di una sorta di musica religiosa d'avanguardia, ma sono presto passati a un misto piu` alla moda di heavymetal industriale, rock sinfonico e gotico ambientale sul secondo Enter The New World (Cold Meat Industry, 1992). Brani come To Mega Therion risuonano di cori d'opera, marce di timpani e ottoni "wagneriani". If English is your first language and you could translate this text, please contact me.
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Sacrosancts Bleed (Cold Meat Industry, 1992) accentua l'uso dei campionamenti di chitarra heavymetal (Chaos Breeding).

Sacrosancts Bleed (Cold Meat Industry, 1992) is a feast of excesses. Both the samples of heavy-metal guitar and the stormy beat-boxes are emphasized. The vocals are an agonizing grunt that delivers the blaspheme prayers of Chaos Breeding and Inferno. Havukainen's tour de force runs the gamut from supercharged cerimonies (Fifth Skin) to metallic/industrial concertos (Taste Of Human), from abstract noise pieces (Scum) to sheer horror (Arcanum).
Invocation reprises Laibach's satanic/military sound.
The album peaks with Sacrosancts Bleed, a concentrate of Gregorian litanies, Wagnerian choirs, baroque harpsichord, martial drumming and children's wails.

Il quarto (e forse ultimo) Purgate My Stain (Staalplat, 1995) perfeziona quel gotico al rallentatore per droni trascendenti, cori d'oltretomba, elettronica sinfonica e visioni di monasteri satanici.

The fourth (and perhaps last) album Purgate My Stain (Staalplat, 1995) refined their kind of gothic music for slow tempos, transcendent drones, ghostly choirs, symphonic electronics and visions of satanic monasteries.

Recollection (Cold Meat Industry, 2001) is a career anthology.

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