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Pioneer Soundtracks , 6/10
Jacques: How To Make Love Vol 1 , 4/10
The Jazz Age , 4/10
Jacques: To Stars , 4/10
Jack: The End Of The Way (2002), 5/10 Jack's The End Of The Way (Crepuscule, 2002)

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One of the many "next big things" of 1990s' Brit-pop, the Jack were the vehicle for singer Anthony Reynolds' morose pop ballads. The early singles (Kid Stardust, Wintercomesummer, White Jazz) borrow the orchestral excesses of Verve and the driving guitars of Oasis and a bit of teenage angst to compose atmospheric dream-pop in the vein of the Tindersticks.

The dreadful album Pioneer Soundtracks (Too Pure, 1996) is chock full of languid, decadent ballads like Of Lights and Dress You In Mourning that make Frank Sinatra sound like a genius. Biography of a First Son steals the melody from Johnny Rivers' Secret Agent Man and turns it into a cabaret number.

The Jazz Age (Too Pure, 1998) contains the singles 3 O'clock In The Morning and Lolita Elle.

Jacques is a side project of Anthony Reynolds. Jacques has released How To Make Love Vol 1 (Setanta, 1997), featuring Momus, and To Stars (Setanta, 2000), both devoted to a humbler and more private form of folk-pop.

Jack's The End Of The Way (Crepuscule, 2002) is, if possible, even more literate and erudite than the early albums. That is also their problem: too verbose, and too self-conscious, it ends up sounding more like literature than music.

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