King Loser
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Sonic Super Free Hi-Fi , 6.5/10
You Cannot Kill What Does Not Live , 6.5/10
Caul Of The Outlaw , 6/10

King Loser is vocalist Chris Heazlewood, guitarist Sean O'Reilly and bassist Celia "Pavlova" Mancini from New Zealand. With the album Sonic Super Free Hi-Fi (Turbulence, 1994), that features Peter Jefferies on drums, they seemed to aim for the title of most experimental surf band of all times: Neuron, Surf Lost, Dick Dale, the eight-minute Dead Fish emanate a huge noise a` la Blue Cheer.

You Cannot Kill What Does Not Live (Flying Nun, 1996) is even more uncompromising, both in the relatively calm Centre of Things and in the colossal 76 Comeback.

Caul Of The Outlaw (Flying Nun, 1997) features a folkish duet, Troubled Land, but mostly continues in that idea of very ugly garage-rock (Alien Presence, Cyclonic Variation, Band On The Run, Lazenby's Folly).

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