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German duo Klangwart (Markus Detmer and Timo Reuber) debuted with the ambitious Immerland (1997), comprising just two lengthy suites of ambient/cosmic electronic post-rock: Immer Weiter and Nirgendland. That format was repeated on Koln-Olpe (1998), with Koln-Olpe and Im Garten, and on Zwei (1999), with Zweitoneins and Zweitonzwei. When they returned after a decade, they were a different concept, opting for shorter compositions on Stadtlandfluss (2008) and Sommer (2010).

Reuber continued that mission on Anna (2000), the monolithic Ruhig Blut (2001), particularly the second movement B with its emotional crescendo, Kintopp (2004), a collection of humbler vignettes, Sudpol (2007), also a relatively low-key affair, and Ring (2010), with the 17-minute Ring.

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