Ben Lee
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Grandpaw Would , 6/10
Something To Remember My By , 5/10
Breathing Tornados , 6.5/10
Hey You Yes You (2003), 4/10
Awake Is The New Sleep (2005), 6/10
Ripe (2007), 5/10
The Rebirth Of Venus (2009), 3.5/10
Deeper into Dream (2011), 5.5/10

Ben Lee was Australia's rock phenomenon of the 1990s. With his Noise Addict, since he was 14 year old, Lee offered melodic grunge, and even had a hit, I Wish I Was Him, from the EP Young And Jaded (Wiiija, 1994). Also included on the EP were the original versions of Pop Queen and Don't Leave.

On the solo album Grandpaw Would (Grand Royal, 1995), marked by the acoustic guitar, Lee wears the clothes of an even more childish Jonathan Richman (Away With The Pixies).

The Noise Addict ended their career with the released of a mediocre album, Meet The Real You (Grand Royal), whose only standout number is 16.

Ben Lee e` il fenomeno Australiano degli anni '90. Alla testa dei Noise Addict fin da quando aveva quattordici anni propone un grunge melodico che ha fruttato l'hit I Wish I Was Him, tratto dall'EP Young And Jaded (Wiiija).

Sull'album solista Grandpaw Would (Grand Royal, 1995), dominato dalla chitarra acustica, Lee ha provato i panni di un Jonathan Richman ancor piu` imberbe.

Poi con il quartetto ha dato un brutto Meet The Real You (Grand Royal).

Another solo acoustic album followed, Something To Remember My By (Grand Royal, 1997), highlighted by How To Survive A Broken Heart.

Following the lead from Beck, Lee turned 180 degrees on Breathing Tornados (Grand Royal, 1998) and adopted a modern-day instrumentation of computers, keyboards, samplers and drum-machines, besides enrolling a small army of collaborators: Ed Buller (producer for Suede, Pulp, Spiritualized), Harmony Korine (director of "Gummo" and "Kids"), Petra Hayden (That Dog), and Donovan. Without the machines, this would sound like Smog or Mark Eitzel. Lee's songs (Breathing Tornados, Nothing Much Happens, Cigarettes Can Kill You, Burn to Shine) are never trivial and mostly profound. Now they are also radio-friendly.

Hey You Yes You (Red Ink, 2003) includes the plaintive No Room To Bleed and little else.

Awake Is The New Sleep (New West, 2005) is a bit more musical than its predecessor and, although hardly a note is original, probably stands as his most accomplished album.

Ripe (2007) and The Rebirth Of Venus (New West, 2009) were pleasant but uneventful.

Deeper into Dream (2011) was a more ambitious cognitive concept album, although musically another awkward failure. ,

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