Los Natas

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Argentina's Los Natas (featuring guitarist Sergio Chotsourian) debuted as a Kyuss clone on Delmar (1996), but they adopted a more psychedelic stance for Ciudad de Brahman (1999). They were back to some powerful rock'n'roll on Corsario Negro (2002).

Then they went to the other extreme with the droning, dilated acid-rock and prog-rock of Toba-Trance (Ektro, 2002), containing just three lengthy suites: the 27-minute La Tierra Delfin, Que Rico, Die Possime. Toba-Trance II (2003) added six pieces: 1 Tomatito 2 Traicion En El Arrocero 3 Matogrosso 4 Humo De Marihuana 5 La Sepa 6 Que Rico... (Live)

They then returned to stoner-rock for El Hombre Montana (2006).

El Nuevo Orden De La Libertad (Nasoni, 2009 - Small Stone, 2009) was a bit confused but featured the instrumental David Y Goliath.

Ararat, the solo project of Los Natas guitarist's Sergio Chotsourian, continued the mission of Toba-Trance on Musica De La Resistencia (MeteorCity, 2009), including the 14-minute Gitanoss and the 12-minute Magia Negra.

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