Takako Minekawa
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Rooming Cube , 6/10
Cloudy Cloud Calculator , 5/10
Fun 9 , 5/10

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Takako Minekawa is a Japanese singer songwriter whose catchy tunes are set against an intellectual synth-pop background. Rooming Cube (March, 1997), produced and arranged by the band Buffalo Daughter, is a collection of songs that pivot on the contrast between retro pop melodies and high-tech arrangement. Loose keyboard counterpoints and funky beats "estrange" the naif ditties of Sleep Song and 1.6666666 that float on the surface. Minekawa's technique lends itself both to intimate confessions (Dessert Song, almost Lisa Germano) and to apocalyptic atmospheres (Destron).

Cloudy Cloud Calculator (Emperor Norton, 1998) and Fun 9 (Emperor Norton, 1999) are inferior works that don't achieve the same psychological intensity and (subdued) glamour.

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