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Inhale/Exhale (1998), 6/10
Human 2.0 (2000), 5/10
Helvete (2003), 5/10
Shift (2004), 6/10

Swedish duo Nasum, the brainchild of drummer Anders Jakobson and guitarist/vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk, staged an improbably revival of grindcore with the 38-song Inhale/Exhale (1998). Their sound consists of relatively controlled screams and growls (by the standards of the genre) and relatively dynamic blastbeats, but monotonous guitar riffs. However, the breathless There's No Escape is impressive even by the frenzied standards of the genre. Shapeshifter is instead relatively well-formed song with almost a melody, and When Science Fails boasts a guitar solo and cow-punk verve. The punk-rock influence can also be heard in Worldcraft.

The 23-song Human 2.0 (2000) contains longer songs like Shadows and Sometimes Dead Is Better but the band seems to be lost when it has to fill more than two minutes of the album with the same song.

The 22-song Helvete (2003), better played and produced, displayed a more inviting mix of grindcore and hardcore, i.e. introduced more variation in old-school grindcore (Living Next Door to Malice, Relics). Unfortunately it sags badly in the middle and towards the end.

The 24-song Shift (2004) bent grindcore in many directions while regaining the intensity of their debut (The Engine of Death, Darkness Falls).

They disbanded after frontman Mieszko Talarczyk died in 2004, killed by a tsunami while he was vacationing in Thailand.

Grind Finale (Relapse, 2006) is a double-disc anthology.

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